Social Media Marketing That Works!

Is your social media a good representation of your business? Does your content look credible? When was the last time you posted on social media? Does it look like you are still in business?

Local and Qualified provides a professional social media presence to your business. We will also maintain consistency of activity to show your customers and Google that you are a credible business. This will highly assist with your SEO efforts! Overall, you will have a professional look and feel, gain consistency, and not have to commit any of your own time to the effort if you do not wish to do so.

FB/IG Ad’s and Lead Generation: Tired of just “Branding”?

Want an optimized Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign that is built to not only drive traffic, but convert that traffic into paying customers? A fully optimized Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign can be the secret to your consistent lead flow. Everyone is on social media and we are here to help you take advantage of it!  

Your Social Media Marketing performance matters, and it can make a significant difference in your Cash Flow. At Local and Qualified, we go beyond just “branding” and “posting a few times a week.” We offer our clients the ability to pursue aggressive Facebook and Instagram-driven lead generation campaigns.

What you get with Social Media Marketing from Local & Qualified.

The Basics:
Organic Social Media Strategy

Local and Qualified will optimize your social media profiles, create and post consistent and engaging content for viewers, and make sure you’re using the most relevant hashtags to take advantage of already trending topics. This is your foundation.

Facebook & Instagram
Targeted Advertising

Paid strategies can include Geo-Targeting, leveraging voice data, audience analysis, demographic targeting, and more. At the end of the day, we traffic potential customers who need your service to your page and convert them into paying clients. Facebook & Instagram Targeted Advertising solutions are a great way to have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Content Marketing

Content is King! Updates are essential and show that you are a credible business. This can include new posted content, blog updates, mentioned press releases, or even links to free advice or offers. Your content should be consistent and valuable. It should show that you are an expert in your field and that your business should be trusted.

Social Media Lead Generation

Your Facebook and Instagram pages are a great tool to capture and generate leads. Potential customers who visit your site will often want to find out more information or get a quote for your services. This is when capturing their contact information is key. Local and Qualified uses technology integrated with our social media marketing that enables our customers to capture, organize, and easily contact the interested lead submission.

Social Remarketing

Have you ever thought about a purchase before deciding to act?
Your customers do, too! Our marketing technology allows our social media marketing customers to re-market to their website visitors, social page visitors, and prior leads they have generated. We follow up so you don’t have to!