CRM,Online Scheduling & Payments, Billing & Invoicing

Is your website pushing all your new leads into a CRM so you don’t lose them? Can your clients schedule, make payment, and leave a review with you quickly online? Are you able to easily bill and invoice your clients? Get your time back and simplify with an all in one business solution from Local and Qualified.

Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Lead Nurture

Local and Qualified can provide optimized Email/SMS Marketing and Lead Nurture campaigns that are designed to not only capture leads but nurture and convert those leads into paying customers. A fully optimized Email/SMS Marketing and Lead Nurture campaign can play a vital role when it comes to keeping a constant line of communication open with your customer base. They should alway be provided with your most recent offers and updated on your company’s accomplishments to enhance credibility. Being consistent is a great way to be there when they need you! 

CRM Solution Includes:

Scheduling Software and Calendar

Local and Qualified CRM solutions will let you manage your calendar on the go, allow clients to schedule services, and register for appointments online at any time.

Online Payments

From billing and invoicing, to credit card processing, and custom package creations. Customers can easily pay for goods and services through a personal, private payment portal. 

Client Management

Local and Qualified allows you to manage your time with a scheduling app while keeping your clients on time with automated reminders and contact management.

Email & SMS Marketing

Easily create email or SMS campaigns, manage your subscribers, and get real results that you can track from your desktop or mobile device. 

Client Portal

Local and Qualified allows clients to schedule, pay, or take any action online from a user friendly self service portal.