Active Campaign

What is ActiveCampaign? 

The email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM technology you need to create excellent customer experiences and buyer journey’s for you and your clients.

ActiveCampaign is a Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) that currently helps over 150,000+ businesses across 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. Using machine learning, powerful data orchestration, segmentation and personalization, Active Campaign helps your clients send the right message across social, email, messaging, chat, text and through over 870+ other integrations.


ActiveCampaign Offers Marketing and Sales Automation Solutions

ActiveCampaign is a product that provides a range of marketing and sales automation solutions for businesses. It offers email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM capabilities, as well as integrations with other business tools such as e-commerce platforms and customer support systems. By using ActiveCampaign, businesses can streamline their marketing and sales efforts, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.


Advanced Reporting

Find out what’s working and what’s not. Dig into the data to find opportunities to grow.

Integrated Forms

Create custom forms to collect emails, get more customers, and start automations.

Site Tracking

See what people do on your website. Use that info to turn them into customers.

Training and Support

Get fast, 1-on-1 support and training. Access the library of tutorial videos and help guides.

Migration Services

We’ll help you move everything from your current software for free. Yes, free!

Gmail Extension

Work out of your Gmail account and manage contacts from anywhere online.

Email Segmentation

Group contacts by location, age, and almost any behavior with advanced segmentation tools.

Automation Goals

Measure marketing by creating customized, automated goals.


Access your contacts, send emails, check tasks, and update deals on the go with the business management app.