Website Design Trends for Local Businesses in 2022

Users desire to easily find what they want, verify that it is credible, and be able to easily take action on any device. Working with a credible website design company is crucial for your business in 2022. 

Design Matters

Visual design matters, but other factors like usability, user experience, speed, content, linking, and calls to action all play a major factor  when building a website design for your business in 2022. The website design company you choose should create a website that is built to convert visitors. Each action should have the goal of taking the website user from hitting your page, being able to easily access important information regarding services, and ways to take action. Always keep the end goal in mind when discussing your  new website design. 

Influence Potential Customers

Your company’s website design can heavily influence first impressions a potential customer perceives. Buyers in 2022  use cell phones and computers that are powered by search engines like Google and Bing  to find businesses and make those buying decisions. Once you a business is found, does their website convey trust, enhance credibility, and accurately reflect the business?

Mobile Optimization is a Must

Potential buyers are using mobile devices at an increasing rate when it comes to finding businesses to work with, and there are many more physical cell phones than computers in the world currently.  Your company’s website design should take advantage of this and build accordingly. Every website should be fully mobile optimized, and should easily function on all devices. This is also known as a dynamic website. Your mobile website can play a substantial role in your overall online presence. 

Do not miss out in 2022. Having an online presence is a “must have” and can be a huge factor in the success of any business. We are here to answer any questions and help you along the way.